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The It Takes A Dad sm book, conference and radio show coming soon!
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It Takes a Dad sm

It Takes a Dad.... There is NO Substitute!

The It Takes a Dad sm  book, conference and radio show is in the works.  Despite what those from the radical and extremist far-left would lead you to believe, there is absolutely no substitute or replacement for a child's natural father, period! 

Upcoming topics on the radio show include;  the father's leadership role in the family and his responsibility for following God, emotional health, emotional security of children, health, spiritual guidance, successful parenting, raising happy children ready who are ready (and prepared!) to leave your nest, divorce and the single dad, nutrition, parental alienation, single parenting, special joys of raising daughters, special joys of raising sons, spiritual health, raising daughters without women and keeping the goals in sight.  It Takes a Dad sm welcomes suggestions for topics that most dads would have interest. 








What is a "Parentectomy?"

A "Parentectomy" is the removal, erasure, discounting, diminution or slandering of a caring parent in a child's life, following separation or divorce. Parentectomies are typically waged by bitter scornful women who use a father's child or children as "pawns" is a war that ultimately devastate the child/children of divorce. 

An example of a Parentectomy is when one parent moves away - or is "driven away" from his child/children through a failed family court system used by bitter ex-wives and "mothers" just as they use parental alienation. Parentectomy covers a large range of parent removal from partial Parentectomy including "you can visit your Daddy on every other weekend" to the total and complete Parentectomy which is the complete absence or removal of the child's Dad.  Again, the ultimate victims of a Parentectomy are the children as well as the dads whose love can never be replaced or substituted for.  A Parentectomy is the most cruel infringement upon children's rights to be carried out against human children - typically by "mothers" using the tactic of parental alienation and family courts to achieve their evil "victory." Parentectomies are psychologically lethal and devastating to children and their dads (and moms - when this happens in reverse to them). 

The following letter is found on the internet from the grown child who was a victim of a Parentectomy in Montreal,Canada.

Dear Editor,

Having been raised in a home with divorced parents, I am thrilled to have an opportunity to share with the Yated readers a happy ending to a sad an unfortunate childhood. I have, Boruch Hashem, finally reunited with my alienated father and now we, and his new family, have established a warm, solid relationship together.

I am now 20 and happily married.

I was a product of parental alienation by my mother, who kept me away from my father. She fed me a host of lies, false allegations and sheer drama, and thereby robbed me of a relationship with him due to her selfish personal war that she waged with him all the years. It was almost an obsession to completely blot him out of our lives. She should have sought help for herself, since this was about her own selfishness and not about what was right for her child.

It is only fair to mention that I had a loving mother and I have many fond memories growing up, but despite all of that, there was a steady sprinkling of lies relating to my fatherís whereabouts, which left me quite confused.

How I finally sorted things out is a story too long for this column, but when I started dating, issues about my father kept creeping into every conversation with shadchanim (matchmaker) and I was stunned to discover that my father was, in fact, an outstanding human being, quite well known and respected, with a loving family. I set into motion a plan that ultimately led me back into his life.

The grief he suffered is indescribable. He shared with me his own journey with rabbonim (rabbi), dayanim (senior rabbi), friends and family who were all equally helpless in effecting some sort of visitation due to my motherís relentless compulsion with revenge.

Unfortunately, rabbonim (rabbi) are not equipped with much to enforce agreement. Despite their best efforts to reason with my mother, pointing out the wickedness of such alienation and the impact on my childhood, nothing changed.

What she caused, a parentectomy of sorts, is unforgivable. The emotional manipulation I suffered for nearly 20 years will take me a lifetime to make sense of. Couldnít she have seen that this would backfire?

I am happy today beyond words. I have a new family, siblings and grandparents who embraced me and my husband. I am trying to make up for lost time. I am trying very hard to focus on that and not on the resentment I have for my mother who caused so many individuals so much pain. She is now suffering the backlash, the wrath of her child, for having precipitated this enormous loss, because our relationship today is cold at best. In time, I honestly hope things will improve on that front too, but for now it comes down to my own personal healing experience and my new found happiness.

It is my sincere hope that by sharing my story, I will encourage others in similar situations to seek professional help to try, at all costs, to avoid a lifetime of unresolved pain and regrets to their children.

Name withheld, Montreal, Canada


They're "Monsters," NOT "Mothers"

"Parentectomy" is the removal, erasure, discounting, diminution or slandering of a caring parent in a child's life, following separation or divorce. 

Parentectomies are typically waged by bitter scornful women who use a father's child or children as "pawns" is a war that ultimately devastate the child/children of divorce. 

These truly "evil" women will make up incredibly vicious lies and stories - and coerce the child/children and others such as her parents and other family members to assist her in "brainwashing" the father's child and to inform others about these lies in an attempt to turn a father's child/children against him. 

When these evil women believe the child/children has the made-up story of abuse memorized, these vindictive women then get CPS or teachers/schools involved in an attempt to get the CPS teacher(s) or school on "their" side. 

Typical fairy tales used by these sick women include various forms of child abuse, including sexual abuse, "locking children in closets for not eating their vegetables" and even telling teachers at school the father doesn't feed the child breakfast - even when the father just so happened to videotape a very happy and enjoyable breakfast between him and his daughter, on one of the dates he took his daughter to school - who then told the school counselor she was "starving" as her daddy (again) didn't feed her breakfast and the school nurse gave her Pop-Tarts that the evil mother left with the counselor in an attempt to also coerce the counselor into believing this bizarre story.

"Evil" and very sick/emotionally-disturbed women after divorce masquerade as "mothers" but are really "monsters" who are driven by their hate toward the father of the child/children, and are anything but a loving, nurturing parent.

These truly evil monsters pretending to be mothers, hate their ex-husbands more than they love THEIR children. Driven by their scorn, these women make-up fairy tales of abuse & false allegations - coercing and brainwashing THEIR children and others into believing their evil lies. This is all done in their attempts to get their children to hate their dads and to no longer want them to be a part of their dad's lives. 

The emotional and psychological damage inflicted by these monsters on children of divorce is significant, life-changing and LIFE-LONG with horrific repercussions to our society. The lives of these innocent children that were damaged by these monsters, will never be "normal" as they will always be wounded by the abuse, lies, fairy-tales, brainwashing and being taught to hate their own dads, was "not" in the child's DNA. These wounded children of divorce carry their wounds for the rest of their lives and to the detriment of all of their relationships as well as to our society. 


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The Alienation of Children Is Child Abuse
by Dr. J. Michael Bone



It Takes a Dad sm

It Takes a Dad.... There is NO Substitute!


It Takes a Dad sm

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